West Highland White Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta, Inc.

Westie Breeders

Our Club does not endorse or recommend any breeders using newspaper advertisements, craiglist, e-bay, pet shops or websites by individuals not associated with Regional West Highland breed clubs or the West Highland White Terrier Club of America, Inc. (all are official clubs of the American Kennel Club). We believe in breeding to better the breed in regards to structure, health and soundness. We also believe in breeding Westies that are capable of being the working terrier as intended by the breeds founders. Further, we require our breeders to uphold standards by pledging to a strict code of ethics, which includes being responsible for their litters and adoption for life. Any of the breeders listed here are members in good standing with the club, and will be happy to assist in any way they can.

In addition, our Club highly recommends inquires through the National West Highland White Terrier parent club (Westie Club of America) and their rescue programs through the other regional Westie clubs in seeking a Westie to add to your home. Our breeders often work with and stay in contact with other breeders throughout the county, so even if they do not have a litter available they may know of a breeder that may.

Cascading Westies
Jasper, GA
Deborah Stephens
Phone 678-735-8999

Atlanta, GA
Don & Gilda Mallik
Phone 770-394-4098
Email: info@clayridge.us

Dr. Vince and Ginny O’Block
1403 Charlottesville Blvd.
Knoxville, TN 37922
Phone 865-288-7284
Email: vinceob@live.com

Glenbrittle Westies
Charlotte, NC
Bob McCaskill, DVM
Phone 704-904-8110
Email: westiedoc@windstream.net

Kilmartin Westies   
McDonough, GA
Donna Cannon

Canton, GA
Marleen Burford
Phone Saturdays 404-406-5912
Email: Marleen@MARDOT.org

ROCK “Q” Westies
Sharon Aenchbacher
Phone 770-337-0647
Email: sharonaenchbacher@comcast.net

Sheildaig Westies
North Carolina
Mary Jane Bills
Phone 828-743-1416 
Email: mjbwesties@outlook.com

Sugarbear Westies   
Dana Hall
Phone 404-274-5618
Email: dlfhall@comcast.net

Tarrer Westies
Greensboro, GA
Kristine Tarrer
Email: krmt@tarrerlaw.com