West Highland White Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta, Inc.

Membership Procedures and Benefits 

[*] Membership in the West Highland White Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta, Inc. is open to all whom share the love and appreciation of the West Highland White Terrier, whether they own Westies or not and Membership is not restricted by residence.

Applicant Qualifications:

– Applicants can not have been disciplined, suspended by or from, or refused membership by the American Kennel Club and/or the West Highland White Terrier Club of America or any other organized kennel club. If any of above apply please provide explanation and whether reinstatement occurred below. 

– Applicant shall complete the WHWTCGA membership application. (see button below to link to online form). Upon receipt of the application and membership fee, proposed Member will receive the next newsletter and be invited to any subsequent club function. 

– If the Applicants live within a two hours’ drive of Atlanta, Applicants shall attend at least one club meeting before full membership has been granted. If beyond the two hours the Applicant shall inform Membership Chair and a phone interview with a club representative will be arranged.

– The names of the Applicants shall be read at the following two meetings or printed in the next two newsletters depending upon the timing.

– Applicants must be willing to abide by and enforce the club’s ethics policies.

– Annual dues are presently $30.

Acknowledgment and acceptance of the club’s Code of Ethics document is required for membership. Please read it here and then click the appropriate box on the membership application form to verify that you read the document and accept its information.


For existing Members of WHWTCGA in good standing we have streamlined our renewal process. As part of this process we will be needing a re-execution of the Code of Ethics. We realize that this form discusses responsibilities of breeders, but it is an AKC requirement whether you participate in breeding or not. 

Simply complete and submit the online WHWTCGA membership application (see button at the bottom of this page), update any contact information, print out the Code for execution and bring to our next club meeting.

Or you can mail to Kristine Tarrer, Secretary, 1129 Lake Oconee Pkwy, Suite 105, Eatonton, GA 31024, and follow our emailed instructions for payment.

Types of Memberships:

A. Individual Full – Enjoys all privileges of the Club including voting and holding office.

B. Family Full– Open to husband, wife and minor children residing at the same address.  Adult members may vote and hold office.  Entitled to maximum (2) votes.

C. Junior – 10-18 years of age. Enjoys all privileges of the Club except: voting, holding of office.

D. Associate – Members that live outside the geographical region of the club as determined by the Board of Directors and are unable to attend the required two meetings or Club sponsored event for full membership.

Benefits – Our members receive:

– Westie Alerts, e-mail notifications of  deals or availability of Westie-related products, services and goods.

– educational opportunities about Westies, including grooming seminars, veterinarian lectures, health lectures, obedience and training seminars.

– many chances to be around LOTS of Westies and fellow humans who enjoy their company!

– website information and links. 

– Family Memberships welcome and encouraged. 

Our members participate in:

– meetings and programs throughout the year that are fun, educational and social

– a variety of AKC events, both companion and performance type of events for fun and for competition

– breeding and care of the breed for the future

– members participate in planning and holding an annual Specialty Conformation and Obedience show in April, It’s a great event held in Perry Georgia as part of one of the largest dogs shows in the Country at the Georgia International Fairgrounds and Agricultural Center

– a fun, fall dinner or picnic as part of our Annual Meeting for members and their Westies

– volunteering for different activities within the club to benefit and improve our breed

– work with the West Highland White Terrier Club of America, Inc. (the parent Club) with various activities and events throughout the year to promote the Breed

– work with the Westie Foundation, Inc. (https://westiefoundation.org/) to ensure the health of the West Highland White Terrier breed and educate owners and potential owners of health issues as well as the care of their Westie

– work with Westie Club of the South to support their Westie rescue activities

All of our members agree to adhere to a strict code of ethics regarding the care of our dogs and support of the Club. Good sportsmanship is vital in the Sport of Dogs and we require all of our members to practice this at every event.